Mura's Gang

Mura is a worldwide traveller, a never-stopping wanderer.
Also, as Chief Entertainment Officer at Cocktail Holidays, she is in charge of the everybody’s well-being, inside and outside the team.

Today, she starts her web3.0 journey with a unique set of artworks tied to fantastic travel benefits.

Token Sale


Token Sale

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Mura's Gang NFTs
grant you rich travel benefits

Keep updated with us on our channels. We have monthly airdrops and regular promos for NFT holders.
We are going to give away €499,950 worth of travel benefits!


3.333 Artsy NFT variations

3.003 on sale + 330 for promos = 3.333 NFTs total

benefits nft

€499,950 worth of Travel Benefits

We make your NFT investment valuable through a fantastic array of travel benefits offered by one of the leading Eastern Europe tour operators and its partner network.
Whether you are a short or long term holder, this is the time to jump on it.

Freebies & Discounts

Free travel insurance + 50€ off for every vacation package bought on cocktailholidays.ro

VIP Treatment

VIP benefits (room upgrades, a la carte dinner experiences, SPA access, etc)

Personal Travel Consultancy

30 minutes dedicated slot with one of our top travel experts.

Top Airdrops

Monthly giveaways with free package vacations, hotel rooms, flight seats & more

Secret Deals Shout-outs

Discover & enjoy our secret travel deals for you and your friends. Regular posts on Discord.

Early Bird Access

Mura’s Gang Experience NFT collection is coming up! Get EB & pre-sale access;
Airdrops & secret deals;

Use NFT Benefits

Shop your NFT

Buy your unique art piece and access thousands of holder benefits. FAQs & Discord Channel for more details on NFT sales.

Free consultation

A dedicated 30 minutes consultation free of charge with our specialists to make the best use of your NFT benefits.

Enjoy your Benefits & Discover the World

Relax & enjoy your travels. A World of adventures is waiting for you.

benefits nft

A Solid Partner Network

Cocktail Holidays is one of the first and largest travel companies in Romania. Since 1993, we have been working hard on long term partnerships with the top brands in the industry.


Our Web3.0 Roadmap

At Cocktail Holidays we keep it concrete and transparent.
60+ travel professionals pushing the edges of travel distribution on web3.

Q2 2022

Kick off

Open Cocktail Holidays' Discord channel;
NFT concept & artwork design;
Website build and launch;

Q3 2022

Tech Set Up, Partnerships & Leverage on Network

Tech setup: MG Collection uploaded in the Blockchain;
Sign up 100+ individual top-notch partners across 30+ travel destinations worldwide;
Influencer partnerships and marketing reach out;

Q4 2022

Launch Mura's Gang NFT Collection

Airdrops, promos, secret deals live on Discord;
MG NFT travel collection on pre-sale;
Official launch on 31 October 2022, at 23:59, one minute before the launch of Cocktail Holidays' early booking offers;

Q1 2023

New Experience Collection & Metaverse Concept

Kick off newest Mura's Experience NFT collection;
More individual benefits partner agreements, marketing partnerships and exciting promo deals on Discord;
Metaverse augmented-reality travel concept: framework set up & design;

Q2 2023

Launch New Collection & Expand on Metaverse

MG NFT Experience collection goes live;
New exciting marketing partnerships & sponsorships;
Metaverse project: tech & commercial set up;

Q3 2023

New Product Line at Cocktail Holidays

New luxury vertical announcement at Cocktail Holidays > Exclusive early-bird access to long-term holders of Travel & Experience MG collections;
Dedicated give-aways, promotions, and secret deals;



Frequently Asked Questions

How many Mura's Gang NFTs are there?

3.003 MG NFTs will be available for mint and
330 MG NFTs will go towards Promotions.

The team will not be keeping any NFTs, we will be minting alongside everyone else on launch day.

When is the launch date?

The official launch date is December 31, 2022, at 23:59 EEST, or 21:59 CET – 1 minute before than the launch of our Early bookings offers for the 2022-2023 travel season.

Pre-sale will be announced on our Discord Channel.

What is the price?

The price of a MG NFT is 1.2 EGLD.

Pre-sale price & methods will be announced on our Discord Channel.

Where can I buy MG NFTs?

Do I get benefits for holding?

Best way to get in touch?

Join our Discord Channel to stay up-to-date on NFT collections / Blockchain initiatives / Web3.0.

For anything else, meet us on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.